Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sony and the DHS

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Thursday, November 03, 2005

XCP protected albums

This list is constantly evolving. If you know of an album that uses the Sony BMG XCP protection with the "$sys$" rootkit, please post in the comments section. As well, I hope to document the band's responses to being copy protected.

A full list of albums has been compiled by xtracto and can be found here on /.

"In Your Honor" - Foo Fighters
"Z" - My Morning Jacket (the band's response)
"12 Songs" - Neil Diamond
"Nothing is Sound" - Switchfoot (the band's response)
"Twentythree" - Tristan Prettyman
"Get Right With the Man" - Van Zant

XCP project has begun

For those of you who are frustrated with Sony BMG's decision to include the XCP copy protection in their albums; and, more importantly, their desicion to cloak the copy protection inside of a root kit.

The eventual goals of this site are:

To track all XCP-protected albums so buyers can determine if they have been infected with the "$sys$" rootkit.

To provide instructions on removing the "$sys$" rootkit from infected machines.

To organize opposition to Sony BMG's decision to install rootkits on customer's machines and ensure Sony BMG is punished wherever federal or international law is concerned.

Using web 2.0 this space will be accessable and updatable by a large number of music listeners, computer security consultants, and experts on law. Feel free to post in order to compile a database of freely visible information. Anyone interested in helping to administrate this site is welcome to apply by simply contacting me through a comment or any other means.

Because Sony has gone too far this time.